The Unimaginable Crime of Molly Jane Roe

She raped and killed a 17-month-old baby

Anita Durairaj
4 min readJun 11, 2021


Molly Jane Roe (Image Source)

Molly Jane Roe is one of the sickest individuals you could come across. It is inconceivable that she had a baby under her care.

Yet, when she committed her crime at the age of 24 in 2011, the media and the public couldn’t help but comment about her looks. One website even describes her as “undeniably beautiful.”

Would you think she is “undeniably beautiful” if you knew what exactly she did to a 17-month-old baby?

Here is a look at the unimaginable crime of Molly Jane Roe.

The crime

In 2011, Philip Murley Jr had a girlfriend, 24-year-old Molly Jane Roe. Roe was from Bells, Tennessee, and was described by everyone who met her as a dark-haired beauty.

The relationship between Murley and Roe became serious and soon Murley marked his Facebook status as “in a relationship.” He was looking forward to becoming a family again with Roe.

Murley and Roe weren’t just a couple. They also had children from previous relationships. Murley had a 17-month-old baby girl named Maleeya Marie Murley. Baby Maleeya’s biological mother had primary custody of her but Murley still had visitation rights to his daughter every other weekend.

Roe also had a 2-year-old child and they moved in with Murley when the relationship became serious.

Sometime in June 2011, the unthinkable occurred when Murley entrusted his baby daughter Maleeya to Roe’s care.

While taking care of the child, Roe became angry and beat and threw Maleeya against a table. The baby was immediately rushed to the Vanderbilt Medical Center for a severe brain injury. At the hospital, a medical examination revealed the child suffered more than just physical assault.

Maleeya had been sexually assaulted as well. There was a bite mark on her back and bruising on the child’s vaginal area and on her hip and stomach. Roe was first charged with child abuse. However, when Maleeya died while she was in the hospital, the police upgraded the charges to first-degree murder and aggravated rape.