Hi Dustin, That is interesting that you mention Cosby. I remember watching his show too but I was never a fan so when he was convicted of those crimes, I was surprised but since I didn't care about his show in the first place, it was not a loss for me.

As for other celebrities, Janet Jackson and her SuperBowl stunt made me lose interest in her music. I just thought it was so cheap for her to do that during the Super Bowl. Then there was Jim Carrey and what happened with his fiance or girlfriend where she committed suicide. I used to think he was so funny but after that, I stopped watching his movies. Most recently, it is Ellen. I thought she was great but I am not sure I would watch her show now.

The thing is I dislike these celebrities but I am not at the point where I would be against having my child watch them on TV.

This topic would make an interesting article to write on Medium. Do they still have the Cosby Show on? I thought the show was banned by the cable channels too.

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