Hi Dustin, I will look forward to your Cosby article. That should be really interesting! Another person I forgot who is controversial like that is Michael Jackson.

Also, I just submitted an article to Mind Cafe and I was told it would take about 10 days and if there is no response, I could assume I am rejected. I am trying to focus on getting into higher publications but it is hard because they all have waiting times.

In the meantime, I am unable to publish everyday because I want to spend time working on a commissioned piece for Better Humans. They pay $500 if your article gets accepted.

What do you think is the best strategy here on Medium? I just feel publishing everyday isn’t going to get me much and maybe I should be patient and try to get into the bigger publications as a writer or write commissioned pieces that earn money on the spot. Now if I fail in all of that, I can focus on quantity. That is where publishing in Illumination helps. You can publish there everyday.

Any thoughts? Thank you and appreciate your help.

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