He Showed No Remorse When He Bashed His Baby Sister to Death

Amardeep Sada became a serial killer at the age of 7

Anita Durairaj


Amardeep Sada (Image Source)

“She was sleeping in the school. I took her a little away and killed her with a stone and buried her. “— Amardeep Sada

These are not the words of an adult but that of a little 8-year-old boy called Amardeep Sada who lived in Bihar, India and, was charged with the crime of murder.

His victims were all babies less than a year old. He killed 3 babies before he was arrested and sent to a psychiatric home.

What led a young and seemingly innocent child to cold-blooded murder?

The Making of a Child Serial Killer

Amardeep was born in 1998 in a small village in Bihar to an impoverished family. His father has been described as either a poor farmer or a laborer.

In 2007, the Bihar police were called in by villagers to arrest a ruthless murderer amongst their midst. The police were shocked when the villagers handed in a slender, young, and innocent-looking child.

The initial reaction of the police was one of disbelief. They even rebuked the villagers for handing in a child. However, all of that changed when the villagers explained the story and Amardeep himself confessed to committing the murders.

Amardeep was only 7 years old when he started his killings. The first victim was Amardeep’s own sister who was just an 8-month-old infant. Without his parents’ knowledge, Amardeep carried his baby sister to a deserted field and hit her hard with a brick until she died. No one could hear the screams of the baby in the desolate field. He then hid the body under dried grass and leaves.

When his parents questioned him after failing to find their daughter, he showed them the baby’s dead body in the fields. The family’s reaction was unexpected.

Instead of turning him in, they kept quiet, decided to cover up the crime, and deemed that it was a “family matter” and outsiders did not have to get involved. Perhaps, they wanted to protect him or they must have thought that no one would believe them. In any case…