How to tackle the cascade effect of minor problems.

A top 50 survey of ‘first world problems’ by Business Insider lists the biggest ‘first world problem’ as a runny nose. Second place on the list was getting a call from an unknown number. In third place, it was being left on hold in the middle of a call.

We can all agree that these problems are minor and that is why they are all considered to be ‘first world problems’. They also don’t impact our lives in any deep or meaningful way. At least, that’s what most of us may think. However, there are times when minor problems do…

Especially when it is conflicting or contradictory

I have been on Medium for exactly one month now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have made enough money to pay the $5 Medium membership fee and I even have a little bit left over for a fancy cup of coffee and a treat.

When I first started out, I was really clueless about Medium but then I started reading all the articles about publishing, writing, gaining followers, and earning money on the site. I also picked up new terminology like the word ‘listicle’ and I learned the difference between self-publishing and writing for other publications.

It can reveal a candidate’s personality and their fit for the job

Some years ago, I was a budding PhD scientist in Chemistry trying to make it into the big leagues of academia. I never did make it but that’s another story. Anyway, what I needed most at that time was a recommendation letter. Whether you are applying for a research grant, a travel award, or some other academic benefit, the recommendation letter is an important footnote in the life of a young scientist. In my case, the letter would also carry more weight if it was written by a professor of the highest rank and order.

With this in mind, I…

That is the question from a new Medium writer

I am either old or out of the loop because I had never heard of the word listicle until I started writing on Medium a few weeks ago. When I first heard of the word, I thought it was a joke. Why would you call something a listicle when it clearly rhymes with testicle?

Anyway, I found out soon enough that listicle is commonly used in the blogging world to mean an article made up of lists. On Medium, there seems to be two camps of people— those who are in favor of listicles and those who aren’t. It doesn’t…

Spooktober 2020 Entry

There is nothing more terrifying to me than the pounding of my heart as the stories of ghosts, spirits, and demons come alive through the pages of a book. There is also nothing more offensive to me than the gruesome depictions of blood and gore that are becoming a staple of the horror genre these days.

In my opinion, the best horror books don’t have to resort to the cheap thrills of violence to instill fear in their readers. In fact, I notice that my fear is more pronounced when the horror is unknown and takes on the form of…

She raped and killed a 17-month-old baby

Molly Jane Roe is one of the sickest individuals you could come across. It is inconceivable that she had a baby under her care.

Yet, when she committed her crime at the age of 24 in 2011, the media and the public couldn’t help but comment about her looks. One website even describes her as “undeniably beautiful.”

Would you think she is “undeniably beautiful” if you knew what exactly she did to a 17-month-old baby?

Here is a look at the unimaginable crime of Molly Jane Roe.

The crime

In 2011, Philip Murley Jr had a girlfriend, 24-year-old Molly Jane Roe. Roe…

David Burke had been fired from his job so he set out to kill his ex-boss and 41 other passengers mid-air

On December 7, 1987, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Flight 1771 took off from Los Angeles bound for San Francisco with 43 passengers on board. It never made it to its final destination.

At 16:13 hours, air traffic controllers observed that Flight 1771 began a rapid descent from which it could not recover. Just 25 seconds earlier, the pilots had reported gunshots being fired in the airplane. The plane struck the ground in a steep nosedive and crashed killing all 43 people on board.

After the crash, investigators found out that one person on board the aircraft was responsible for the…

Socialite Jasmine Hartin killed a police officer but was it an accident or murder?

Belize is a haven for tourists with its islands, waterfalls, and remnants of ancient Mayan ruins. For the wealthy, it is also a tropical paradise.

Jasmine Hartin, age 32, worked in Belize as the Director of Lifestyle and Experience at the luxury Alaia resort hotel. The Alaia luxury hotel was newly opened in 2021 and is owned by Hartin’s romantic partner 42-year-old Andrew Ashcroft. Ashcroft is the son of billionaire Lord Ashcroft who is heavily involved in UK politics.

Hartin lived a life of luxury in Belize but on May 27, 2021, she killed a Belizean police officer, Henry Jemmott…

She died in a brutal hate crime and her ex-boyfriend was the killer

Michael Christopher Wilkins was born on September 10, 1997, in Gulf Shores, Alabama. At the age of 14, he transitioned from male to female and changed his name to Mercedes Williamson.

Williamson was a happy teenager. She had dreams of becoming a cosmetologist and she enjoyed spending time outdoors. However, at some point, she became estranged from her parents, dropped out of high school, and moved alone from Gulf Shores to the town of Theodore. During this time, she dated Josh Brandon Vallum, age 28.

On May 30, 2015, Williamson was found murdered by Vallum. She was beaten and stabbed…

Sister Abhaya was murdered by two priests and a nun after she caught all three of them together in a compromising position

Sister Abhaya was born in 1973 in Kerala, India. Growing up, she was close to her older brother, Biju Thomas, who described his sister as being introverted and not very talkative. However, she always had a desire to help people. She also wanted to dedicate her life to Christ and learn the scriptures and the best way to do that was to become a nun.

Although her family was hesitant about her decision to become a nun, she remained firm.

At the age of 18, Abhaya became a nun and a member of the Knanaya Catholic Church which was headquartered…

Anita Durairaj

I enjoy writing about books, reading, and literature. I am also a scientist who knows what it’s like to tinker in the lab.

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