How to tackle the cascade effect of minor problems.

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Especially when it is conflicting or contradictory

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It can reveal a candidate’s personality and their fit for the job

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That is the question from a new Medium writer

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Spooktober 2020 Entry

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The castle belonged to publishing magnate, William Randolph Hearst

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History and Background

There is no admission fee. It's free for all.

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Could Austin, Texas overtake the Bay Area to become the next big place for tech?

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A History of Tech in the Area

Galesburg was one of the sites of the Lincoln-Douglas debates

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Their books are just as entertaining as any Stephen King or Michael Crichton novel

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Anita Durairaj

I enjoy writing about books, reading, and literature. I am also a scientist who knows what it’s like to tinker in the lab.

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